Mastery @ Cheeks | Where teaching and learning converges | Tuition and Education centre located in Singapore specialising in Math, English and Science | Mastery @ Cheeks | Specialist Tuition/Education Training Centre
Master@Cheeks is a tuition centre founded by former St. Andrew's Secondary teacher, Chee Keong. It believes the best way to learn is through learning from mistakes.
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About Us

@ Cheeks, we correct it!

By allowing our students opportunities to make mistakes, and then learning through correction, we help them perform to their fullest potential. We are crazy about making things right – from our students’ thoughts, actions, habits and finally, attitude.

Hard work does not reflect in their grades.

Not motivated to put in effort in their studies.

Unable to perform their best due to careless mistakes and bad time management.

Meet our founder.

Mr Ng discovered the passion to teach since he was 15. Ever since then, there was no looking back. He taught students mathematics in St Andrew’s secondary school and also coached the rugby players when he was there. It was on the training field where he discovered the importance of muscle memory – the ability to repeat a certain reflex or action even when fatigued and under pressure. Thus designing training sessions for players to hone their muscle memory became his love.

In the classroom, he translates coaching skills into teaching difficult Maths concept by breaking it down to simple chunks for students to digest. He designs effective practise sessions for students to master skills that enables them perform in exams. He performs lots of correction from mastering Maths concepts in classroom to forming positive habits beyond classroom. He uphold this motto whenever possible: ” I have not taught, if my students had not learnt” Hence, Mastery @ cheeks is a place where teaching and learning converges.

@Cheeks, we partner students in their journey to mastery:

Our Promise

To parents

  • Clear communication channel between teachers and parents
  • We identify problems, provide solutions, and work on them with you and your child
  • Regular feedback on child performance

To students

  • Clear instructional strategy
  • Conducive environment to stretch your ability
  • Timely feedback on performance

Our Learning Journey

Our Tutors


Tania has taught Mathematics and Add Mathematics to students from both independent and government schools across all levels and streams for more than a decade. She is a patient tutor who has very clear instructions to effectively guide her students


With a Degree Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Atiqah prepares students with the relevant skills to better understand science concepts and to tackle comple science questions through simple summaries and various practice questions. At MasteryCheeks, she teaches Primary and Secondary Science/Chemistry.


Being a friendly and patient tutor, JayJay is committed in ensuring that all her students strive for the best in their studies. She understands the needs and challenges students face. Jayjay teaches simple and effective strategies which allow students to have a clearer view of their word problems.


Fang Ling makes math easier to comprehend and help equip students with the necessary skills to do well in math. Lessons are well planned to teach students how to easily grasp concepts and have ample practice questions to prepare the students for exam conditions.

Start your journey to Mastery.